About us

Talentees is a friendly people-centric recruitment and staffing agency.
We want to be the bridge between Eastern European IT talent and career opportunities in the Belgian IT market.
Our approach and who we are make us unique:

Who we are

Talentees management team is made up of of Belgian and Romanian entrepreneurs with an IT background and living in Belgium. In the past, we have worked as internal recruiters on the one side and Romanian IT consultants on the other side. Our experiences with the existing recruitment and staffing agencies had not been very positive and we thought we could do better. Much better. That is why Talentees was born.

Our approach

We think, act and breathe long term. That’s why we invest so much in the relationships with candidates and companies. The Talentees recruitment and matching process iscreated in such a way that it will find the puzzle pieces that fit together. And it keeps them together.

Eastern European Talent

Western Europe is crying out for IT talent while there are still so many skilled, talented and motivated IT workers in Eastern Europe.

Our focus: Jobs in Belgium

The opportunities we propose to candidates are located in Belgium. Belgium is a multi-lingual country in the centre of Europe with an open economy, and it is the home of many European organisations in the public and private sector. It’s a nice country to live in, with good social services and excellent education programmes. By focusing on a single market, we can also guide you through the country-specific labour legislation, permits and fiscal aspects of working abroad.


Our agile recruitment and matching process has many innovative elements and we do not stop after a match has been realised. Our creative minds think out–of-the-box and we continuously try to find new ways to improve the process.