Carefully selected candidates

The candidates proposed by Talentees are very carefully selected. Our standards are high, which means that only the best candidates make it through our selection process. We believe that this is the only way we can provide you with talent that meets or even exceeds your expectations.  Quality before quantity.

The candidates are not only selected for their technical expertise. We also pay a lot of attention to their soft skills: communication skills, social skills, language skills. We even try to assess the mindset of the candidates to understand their long-term ambitions and expectations.

Experienced recruiters

The Talentees recruiters know their business and their candidates. Their own extensive working experience in the IT business ensures that they understand the particularities of the business and that they are able to discuss the technical aspects of the job in every detail.

Aligned with your business

We have worked as internal recruiters and business owners ourselves. We know what is important to you as a recruiter, a business owner or a manager. We want to understand your constraints and we will align our recruitment process and philosophy with yours, allowing you to focus on what you do best: meeting your objectives and growing your business.